Trinity’s career development plan - a win-win for employees and employers

To the start of the DEVELOP project, the Learnovate Centre of the Trinity College Dublin (Ireland) has published a press release officially announcing the project begin and providing key data and information about the DEVELOP project. You can find the press release below in this article.


News Release 2-Feb-2016

Trinity’s Career Development Plan - A Win-Win For Employees And Employers

€3 million research project to investigate the modern employment landscape


Dr. Neil Peirce (e:, m: 086 3095994) and Dr. Martyn Farrows (e:, m: 087 7917410) are available for interview.


Dublin, Wednesday, January 27, 2016: A team from Trinity College Dublin’s Learnovate Centre has just announced a €3 million research project which will investigate career development. The three-year project, called DEVELOP, is being funded by Horizon 2020.

DEVELOP aims to create a personalised learning environment for career development by enhancing employees’ awareness and understanding of the process.

Careers are unique and personal. They evolve over a person’s lifetime and contribute to their personal, social and economic well-being.

  • Previous research has found that employees who are actively developing their careers receive the least career guidance.
  • These employees are also facing increased working lives and longer careers.
  • Changing labour markets and reduced job security are hallmarks of the modern labour market, as is the growing demand for adaptable workers with increased mobility.

DEVELOP intends to help employees and employers to cope with these demands by providing robust, tailored learning solutions.

The project will focus on areas such as collaboration, leadership, and developing social capital. According to Dr Neil Peirce, Learnovate’s lead investigator, “These skills are traditionally not explicitly taught and are hard to assess, yet are in high demand in the commercial world.”

Commenting on the award of €3 million, Learnovate Centre Director Dr Martyn Farrows said: “Horizon 2020 projects are subject to rigorous scrutiny and are not awarded lightly so this is a tribute to Dr Peirce and his team.”

DEVELOP will be evaluated and validated through two diverse use cases: IBM (ICT) and BNY Mellon (financial services), which comprise a combined global workforce of 480,000.

DEVELOP’s research outcomes will bring benefits to both employees and employers. An enhanced understanding of career development and what transferable skills and social capital they possess will facilitate greater mobility for employees.

For employers, projects such as this can promote staff retention and therefore reduce costs associated with the hiring process.



Horizon 2020 is a European Commission initiative, with a budget of €20 billion, which aims to ensure Europe produces world-class science and removes barriers to innovation. The Irish government has set a target of securing €1.25 billion in funding from Horizon 2020 and Trinity aims to secure awards of €150 million during the seven-year programme.

Learnovate is an industry-led research centre hosted at TCD, whose goal is to deliver industry-relevant learning innova­tion across schools, higher education and corporate learning. Learnovate is part of the Enterprise Ireland/IDA Ireland Technology Centres Programme.


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