GITP is a Dutch based unique full service provider in the field of Human Resource Development. Among others, their most important services are assessments, organizational development, training/postgraduate courses, digital e-HRM tools, and recruitment and selection. If needed, they can be offered as an integrated package. This means that interventions are a combination of advice, insight, training, coaching and staffing of key positions.

GITP can call itself a well-known consultancy firm due to its high customer satisfaction and stable market position. It has approximately 5,000 customers in profit and non-profit areas, within 50 different branches. GITP is one of the few HRD enterprises with its own R&D department for the development of ‘classical’ tools such as high quality questionnaires as well as ‘modern’ multi-media tools such as serious games.

In the DEVELOP project, GITP BV will play a major role in the competency modelling, construction, production and implementation of several serious games and will be responsible for the evaluation methodology of the project.