Tracoin Quality BV

Tracoin Quality BV is a Dutch consultancy founded in 1993. Tracoin has established a proven track record of expertise in the areas of quality management, international project management, information technology and innovative learning strategies. It has also been responsible for project managing multinational implementations of ERP systems, including providing expertise on system integration testing and data migration strategies.

Regarding the past seven years, Tracoin has participated intensively in EC co-funded projects in the areas of competency based learning, quality management, project management and system integration, like for instance PROLIX, MIRROR or COCAL which have been completed successfully.

Tracoin is actively involved in the ISO standardisation processes in the area of Quality Management, Education and Quality Planning (ISO 9001:2015, ISO 21001, ISO 10005).

In the DEVELOP project, Tracoin acts the overall Technical Lead on the project,  leads the Requirements and design work package (WP2), the design/build/test of the Competency Management System, the Quality Management activities and several standardisation activities related to the DEVELOP project.