Trilateral Research, Ltd.

Trilateral Research (TRI) is a London-based Limited company, created in October 2004. It specialises in research and policy advice associated with data governance (including risk assessment, privacy and data protection requirements) and data analytics. Trilateral designs, develops and evaluates data analytics tools with a special focus on transforming data into actionable information for industrial, institutional and policy stakeholders. Trilateral is involved in a number of projects on the social, ethical, innovation and legal impacts of new data practices, and the assessment of legal, social and ethical requirements associated with data collection, data analytics and the convergence of new technological developments. Our focus is on assessing these impacts and evaluating systems to determine solutions to enhance innovation whilst ensuring responsible big data practices. We do so by working with a variety of stakeholders ranging from technical specialists, policy-makers and citizen groups.

In the DEVELOP project, Trilateral Research will undertake a comprehensive privacy impact assessment for the DEVELOP tool, that will ensure that the design, building and implementation of the tool takes account of privacy, data protection and social and ethical concerns. As a result of this work, the DEVELOP tool will build protections into the system, that will make it more attractive, trustworthy and marketable for users.