Scheer Holding Ltd.

The Scheer Holding Ltd. Is the umbrella organisation for a network of high growth IT software and consulting companies based in Germany. The Scheer companies support enterprises in the development of new business models, the optimisation and implementation of more efficient business processes, as well as the reliable operation of their IT systems. The development of products and services is focused in particular on the sector-specific accompaniment of companies in their digital transformations. The Scheer companies count more than 750 employees and generate a revenue of over €90M (2014).

Professional training for senior management and employees makes companies more agile and effective in their business operations. Scheer Holding Ltd. offers their customers the possibility to benefit from many years of experience and expertise in project management, process management, change management and IT management to help develop the competitiveness of their company.

Close cooperation between companies in the Scheer network enables the application of synergies from experienced consultants and trainers from Scheer GmbH, products and e-learning solutions from IMC AG and the research methods of the August-Wilhelm Scheer Institute (AWSi). Some of the different training formats for the individual requirements of each employee offered by the Scheer Holding Ltd. are for instance tailor made in-house training, open training with the possibility of exchanges between participants, individual consultancy for personnel development measures and career paths and international „Best-in-Class products“ for E-Learning, blended Learning and  simulation training.