Partners of the DEVELOP Project

The DEVELOP consortium unites six industrial and two academic partners from four countries (Ireland, United Kingdom, Germany, and the Netherlands). The partner network of DEVELOP delivers a huge degree of mutual benefitting through the multinational expertise in the areas of competency management, social network analysis, artificial intelligence learning, and technology-enhanced learning. Each partner is essential to every stage of the project and to the work packages in which it is active, bringing a particular set of skills.

Moreover, DEVELOP establishes cooperation with project external organizations (industrial companies and research institutions), building the Associate Partner Network, with the aim to reach a wider research community and learning technology vendors and in order to achieve broad awareness and acceptance of the project results.

In this area of the website, you can find information about the project consortium members and their contact details. The information about the Associate Partner Network, its benefits for your organization, as well as the application form will also be available here.