The DEVELOP project will create a personalised learning environment providing assessment of transversal competencies and social capital to highlight learning opportunities for career development. This will be combined with personalised visualisations of potential career paths to inform and guide learners towards realistic and attainable careers. The DEVELOP environment will:

  • Use social network analysis to assess social capital that has been built among colleagues
  • Assess transversal competencies such as leadership and collaboration, using game-based assessment techniques combined with social network analysis evidence
  • Apply AI planning techniques to recommend learning opportunities for career development
  • Support internal mobility of employees and better skill-matching to increase employee engagement and reduce attrition ratesĀ 
  • Gain end-user trust by providing clear informed consent and transparent data privacy

DEVELOP will provide new methods and tools for learning technology vendors that offer Learning and Talent Management Systems to medium and large organisations; and innovative SMEs that offer plugins and enhancement modules to large-scale learning technology vendors. To insure maximum impact, DEVELOP will be informed by, trialled, and evaluated with two end-user organisations across the diverse industries of ICT and Financial Services.