DEVELOP: Year in Review 2017

Wednesday, 20. December 2017

By Greg Carey, Trinity College Dublin - Learnovate, Ireland

We are now into the 23rd month of the DEVELOP project and 2017 has been an extremely busy and productive year for everyone in the consortium. We have achieved so much on the project since kicking off in early 2016, including the development of the Personalised Learning Environment, interactive Game-based assessment, Competency Management System, Social Learning Tool and much more.

To date, the project has delivered all the deliverables we have been defined in our Description of Action and feedback from our external reviewers has been extremely positive. The work by Trilateral Research on Data Privacy and Ethics was commended.  

Please use the following links to get informed about the activities and outcomes of the DEVELOP project in 2017:

2018 is also going to be a busy and exciting year as we look to add more features, including a 360°-feedback assessment, new game-based assessment, promotional video, social network analysis, AI Planning functionality, and many more features.

Later in 2018 we will be starting our pilot and user evaluation trials with some of our key partners. The approach to evaluation will ensure both the high quality and effectiveness of DEVELOP. Impact on both an individual level and a business level will be examined on the basis of general and use-case organisation-specific evaluation criteria.

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The DEVELOP project team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!