Join DEVELOP at OEB Conference 2017 in Berlin!

Thursday, 16. November 2017


Dr Neil Peirce from the Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, and Dr Alec Serlie from GITP BV, Netherlands, will be giving a presentation on the topic "Supporting Career Development for all by Improving Leadership through Adaptive Games" in scope of the OEB Conference 2017 in Berlin.

Where and when: OEB 2017, Thursday, December 7th, 12.00-13.15, conference session “The Effective Use of Quality Assessments”

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The DEVELOP project will be glad to welcome you at OEB 2017!



Careers are unique and personal. They evolve over a person’s lifetime and contribute to their personal, social and economic wellbeing. They are also a continuous life-long learning experience. Employees today are challenged by:

  • increased working lives and longer careers
  • changing labour markets with reduced job security
  • growing demand for adaptable workers with increased mobility

To cope with these demands there is a need for robust learning solutions to inform employees as to the current state of their career and realistic career paths they can achieve. Moreover, employers are challenged to identify and develop flexible and skilled employees, while ensuring a return on investment in training.

The DEVELOP online personalised learning environment is focussed on supporting career development within medium and large companies. Its design employed Design Thinking workshops with end-users, interviews with subject matter experts, and regular user testing to ensure usability.

One of the objectives of DEVELOP is to assess the present and potential level of transversal competencies. A transversal competence is defined as the extent to which it can be transferred from one job to another. Leadership is one of these transversal competencies and essential for the prosperity of both an organization and the individuals working in it. Within DEVELOP we will be assessing leadership with the aid of generally accepted methods such as personality and cognitive ability measurement, and peer review (i.e. 360o review). Additionally, we will also be using state-of-the-art methods such as Social Network Analysis and Serious Gaming.

Our serious game is used to capture behavioural elements of leadership in a gamified setting, in such a way that it is sufficiently related to actual behaviour, but digitally measured in an entertaining and cost-effective manner. Such a method has proven to be valid, especially when the more traditional methods suffer from social desirability and faking. The unique aspect of the game is its measurement of both intent and actual behaviour. In this way learning interventions can be tailored to the specific needs of the learner. Learners who have a high intent as far as effective leadership is concerned, but lack the behavioural skills, require a different approach than learners who neither have the intention nor the behavioural repertoire to lead effectively. 

DEVELOP leadership game

The evaluation and validation of the leadership game is taking place through formal trials in 2018 with final results being available in 2019.

In this session, we will present an overview of the DEVELOP platform and the current status of our leadership game. Participants will be guided through the game’s assessment mode, detailed reporting, and leadership training features.

Get a first impression on the DEVELOP leadership game by watching the preview video:

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