A Different Perspective on Online Assessments – The DEVELOP Approach

Tuesday, 12. June 2018

By G. Pappas & D. AnastasopoulosINTRASOFT Intl. S.A., Luxembourg

Most people will be familiar with online assessments, as they are widely used by companies seeking to screen, recruit, and develop their staff. But is this the only way we can take advantage of the benefits offered by online assessments?

Online assessments can provide information about our working style, which is reflected in our personalities, and give us insights into our thinking, feelings, and behaviour patterns. Personality, aptitude, and psychometric tests are also great tools to boost self-awareness and give us more confidence in driving our career development. But imagine leveraging the functionalities of an online, user-friendly platform, which contains all the information regarding an employee’s personality profile!

The DEVELOP project is an innovative platform, transforming how employees reflect on their competency levels into an ongoing process. Through online assessments and interactive games, employees have access to their competency profiles and can monitor their progress over time. This dynamic approach supports continuous career management and development, and employee engagement in that process.


It would be interesting to discuss online assessments using the DEVELOP platform from three different perspectives; that of the Employee, the Employee’s Manager, and the HR Staff. Questions to be addressed could then include - How can online assessments contribute to career development beyond their typical use? Is this the right person to hire? Am I the right person for this job?


When employees have access to online assessments through the DEVELOP platform, they have the opportunity to develop their self-awareness. Most people believe that they have a healthy self-awareness, but assessments can help them recognize and realize their personality traits, including their strengths and areas for improvement, their thoughts and beliefs, their emotions, and their motivations. Once they become aware of their thoughts, words, emotions, and behaviour, they are able to better shape their future. These assessments therefore have value in helping them understand themselves and plan their careers.

Employee's Manager

When a company provides its employees with a dynamic tool for their career development, such as the DEVELOP platform, the employees feel valued and part of a more inclusive ecosystem, which cares for their growth. Additionally, the more the employees are self-aware, the more confident they are, with the latter leading to increased productivity. Furthermore, the results of these assessments set the ground for discussion regarding the employees’ career development. When analyzing the results using the DEVELOP platform, an Employee’s Manager has the opportunity to guide the employees to take the right choices and set suitable career paths.

HR Staff

With the DEVELOP platform the HR Staff, from the organizational perspective, has a centralized platform for reviewing the competency levels of the workforce. With this information, the HR Department can create tailor-made learning paths for the employees, derived from their competency gaps, according to their roles’ requirements, future needs and aspirations. Furthermore, with such a model in place for addressing employees’ learning needs, the company creates a culture that fosters high engagement.

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