Webinar: Are you offering your employees the best opportunities to DEVELOP themselves?

DEVELOP is a personal learning environment aimed at assessing and developing crucial 21st Century competencies, such as collaboration, communication and leadership. In our webinar on 9th July 2019, 13-14 CEST, we will present the DEVELOP system and the many possibilities it has to assess and develop your colleagues in a fun, engaging and effective way. For those who show a genuine interest in the well-being and development of their employees, our webinar on DEVELOP will definitely be of interest to you.

Join our webinar: Assessing and developing agile leaders – The game-based approach in DEVELOP

With this free webinar, we invite you to discuss the following questions with us: Why is it important to assess and develop workplace relevant soft skills? Which traditional approaches exist to assess soft skills? Why are games suitable for soft skills training and assessment? How does such game for soft skills training and assessment look like? We are glad to welcome you to the webinar!