Talk: The Personalised Learning Environment: Discover and DEVELOP your potential

Wednesday, 25. September 2019

By Uta Schwertel, IMC, Germany

On 1st October 2019, Alec W. Serlie will give a talk entitled “The Personalised Learning Environment: Discover and DEVELOP your potential” at Learnovation, Ireland's leading summit on learning innovation. Join the summit at Croke Park in Dublin and explore more on “Future Ready Skills” and how DEVELOP contributes to connecting talent, skills and performance to accelerate growth.

In his talk, Alec W. Serlie, Scientific Lead of DEVELOP, will elaborate that it is obvious that the nature of work is transforming. We all know that the traditional job has changed from a ‘fixed format’ to an agile job-role. The adaptable and versatile worker is the new standard, as are competencies which can be transferred from one job-role to another. Additionally, our working lives are also being prolonged. Life-long learning is a prerequisite. But how can we discover and effectively develop our potential. With the EU-funded international consortium DEVELOP we set off to just do that: high-tech potential assessment resulting in tailored learning interventions, making learning fun and effective.