A key challenge in improving life-long learning, employee flexibility, and skill-matching is the assessment of workplace relevant competencies and the planning of individual learning paths for career development. To address this challenge, DEVELOP will create:

  • An innovative personalised learning environment that embodies exploration, experimentation with, and ownership of the career development process by the employee.
  • A framework for the assessment of transversal competencies using game-based assessment, social network evidence, and self-reporting tools.
  • Tools and methods for the extraction and analysis of a work social network, in order to reveal the significance of work social networks in career development.
  • Methods to balance the data privacy interests of employees with the talent management desires of employers, using data protection transparency, and informed disclosure.

Furthermore, the DEVELOP project will provide evidence that its approach facilitates individual learning and career development, and aids organisations in developing and retaining human capital to enhance competitiveness.